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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      K500/K1000 PRO

      • Back-up K500/K1000 PRO Santak UPS power supply
      Back-up K500/K1000 PRO Santak UPS power supply

      Back-up K500/K1000 PRO Santak UPS power supply

      • 型號: k500 / k1000 for
      • Capacity (VA/W) 300W`600W
      • Input voltage: 162V-268V
      • Rated output voltage: 220V
      • Product description: Santak UPS power K500/K1000 PRO (2014) is an automatic and steady voltage UPS designed for the optimal design of the power environment in the Chinese market. Through advanced MCU control and reliable
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      Mountain Santak back-up UPS uninterruptible power supply


      Product characteristics:

      主要應用場景描述 :

      The main application scenario description:

      *個人電腦,網絡設備及娛樂設備 PC、家用路由器、 家用影音、娛樂系統等

      * personal computers, network devices and entertainment devices PC, home routers, home video, entertainment systems, etc.

      *辦公及商務設備 辦公電腦、POS機等設備

      * office and business equipment, office computers, POS machines and other equipment.

      *嵌入式應用 ATM柜員機、廣告機等設備

      * embedded application ATM teller machine, advertising machine and other equipment

      1. 自動穩壓,浪涌保護

      1. automatic voltage stabilizer, surge protection

      ·內置穩壓器,通過先進的MCU 實時偵測輸入電壓,即時調節輸出電壓,輸出穩如泰山

      Built in voltage stabilizer, real-time input voltage is detected by advanced MCU, and output voltage is adjusted immediately.

      ·內置浪涌保護裝置,吸收市電尖峰浪涌,確保UPS 本身和負載安全

      Built in surge protection device to absorb surge of electricity spikes to ensure UPS itself and load safety.

      2. 超寬輸入范圍,適應中國電力環境

      2. ultra wide input range, adapting to China's electric power environment

      ·超寬電壓/ 頻率輸入范圍,適合各種地區使用

      Ultra wide voltage / frequency input range, suitable for various areas.


      It can be used with generators to cope with the harsh electricity environment.

      3. 智能設計,安全有保障

      3. intelligent design, security and security


      Built in high quality strong battery, always monitor battery voltage status and take effective protection.

      4. 有效延長電池及 UPS 整機壽命

      4. effectively prolonging battery life and UPS lifespan


      Omnidirectional intelligent self checking, improving system reliability and safety.


      Support automatic restart function and cold start to facilitate power management and emergency operation under unattended conditions.